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ED0207b Donee organisations

This operational statement sets out how Inland Revenue and Charities Services (formerly the Charities Commission) will monitor and advise charitable entities of the requirements for income tax exemption and donee status. Its purpose is to assist organisations in the charities and not-for-profit sectors to understand their tax obligations and the tax exemptions available to them. The statement also addresses other relevant tax matters such as record-keeping and the implications of being de-registered from the Charities Register. The new Operational Statement will be issued in 2 parts – Part 1 will discuss Charites and Part 2 Donee organisations. When signed, they will replace OS 06/02 Interaction of tax and charities rules, covering tax exemption and donee status, issued in December 2006.

Comment deadline: 14 February 2020

ED0207b - PDF format (376kb | 22 pages)