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Search operators

Our site has a powerful ranking system to find the best possible results. But if you would like a targeted keyword search, try these simple search operators.

 Example About Result 
 School AND donation  Find items that include all words  Items with school and donation
 School OR donation  Find items with at least one word  Items with school or donation, or both
 School NOT donation  Exclude a word  Items with school, but excluding those with donation
 School NEAR:5 donation  Find a word within 5 of another  Items where school appears within 5 words of donation, in any order
 "School donation"  Find a phrase using ""  Items with school donation as an exact phrase
 School*  Find words with different endings  Items with school, schools, schooled, schooling
 +School  Exact term  Items with School

Search results

  • Use the filters in the the left-hand menu to narrow your search by publication type or year issued.
  • Use the Sort by button to order your results by best match, newest first, publication number or alphabetically by title.

Our website search covers both webpages and PDF attachments.  In the search results list, you will see a summary of each result with search terms in bold, with relevant text from the PDF indented underneath. This helps you see at a glance if the item looks useful.

This is an example of a search result for school donations.

Shows search results following a PDF search

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This appears when you click into the search box, and before you start typing.  This is a list of the top searches all users have completed on the website, and is updated on a daily basis.

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This appears at the bottom of the first page of search results.  It uses analytics to suggest other search queries that could be related to your search.