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Our work programmes

We are now looking for suggestions for the 2024-25 public guidance work programme.  Suggestions are important for ensuring our public guidance items are relevant, useful and address the technical issues that are important to both Inland Revenue and our customers.

If you are aware of any tax technical or interpretative issues you think we should publish guidance on, please let us know by 7 June 2024.

To make a suggestion you can either:

Before adding a suggestion to the work programme, we consider the importance of the issues involved, the level of uncertainty/ambiguity, the number of customers potentially affected, and the potential revenue implications.  Any relevant information you can provide about these factors is appreciated.

Both the Tax Counsel Office and Technical Standards produce public guidance items.

TCO - work programme

The 2023-2024 TCO work programme is updated monthly to advise on progress.

Current TCO Public Guidance Work Programme

Find out more about the Tax Counsel Office and its publications

Technical Standards - work programme items scheduled for public release 

Technical Standards prepares a quarterly schedule of items from its work programme that it expects to publish or release for public consultation in the next 3 months.   

Technical Standards current release schedule

Find out more about Technical Standards and its publications

Previous TCO work programmes

You can also view the final update of TCO's annual work programme for the last four years.

TCO Public Guidance Work Programme 2022 - 2023

TCO Public Guidance Work Programme 2021 - 2022

TCO Public Guidance Work Programme 2020-2021

TCO Public Rulings Work Programme 2019-2020