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COV 20/05
11 Jun 2020
15 Jun 2020
11 Jun 2020
07 Apr 2021

Variation in relation to s RP 17B(4) of the Income Tax Act 2007 to extend time for tax pooling transfers

Section RP 17B(4)(a) and (b) of the Income Tax Act 2007 are varied to allow a taxpayer to ask a tax pooling intermediary to arrange the transfer of an amount to satisfy an obligation for provisional tax (other than under the aim method), terminal tax or use of money interest on the provisional tax or terminal tax for the 2019 income year, on or before the date that is 365 days after a person’s terminal tax date for the 2019 tax year. 

Tax Information Bulletin Vol 32 No 6 - July 2020

Tax Administration Act 1994: ss 6H and 6I
Income Tax Act 2007: s RP 17B