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SR 2010/242

FIF deemed rate of return set for 2009-10

Order in Council SR 2010/242 sets Foreign Investment Funds deemed rate of return for 2009-10 at 9.12%

The deemed rate of return for taxing foreign investment fund interests is 9.12% for the 2009-10 income year, down slightly from the previous year’s rate of 9.18%.

The deemed rate of return is set annually and is one of the methods that can be used to calculate income from foreign investment fund interests. The rate is based on taking an average of the five-year Government stock rate at the end of each quarter, to which a 4% margin is added.

The new rate was set by Order in Council on 9 August 2010.

Income Tax (Deemed Rate of Return on Attributing Interests in Foreign Investment Funds, 2009-10 Income Year) Order 2010 (SR 2010/242)