01 May 1987

Income Tax Amendment Act 1987

Archived legislative commentary relating to the Income Tax Amendment Act 1987 from PIB vol 163, May 2 1987.

This commentary item was published in Public Information Bulletin Volume 163, May 1987

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Family Support Payments

The Income Tax Amendment Act 1987 received the Governor-General's assent on Tuesday 31 March 1987 and is now law. Section 20 makes an amendment to the Family Support provisions contained in Part XIA of the principal Act.

Section 20 - Commissioner to deliver credit of tax

Subsection (1) - inserts a new section 374IA into the principal Act which provides authority for the Commissioner to pay interim instalments of Family Support and Guaranteed Minimum Family Income tax credits directly to applicants. The amount of the payments is determined by the Commissioner. having regard to the circumstances of the case.

The provision will apply where: -

Paragraph (a): a person has furnished an application form to receive interim instalments of Family Support but the issue of a certificate of entitlement has been unduly delayed.

Paragraph (b):a person has delivered a certificate of entitlement to his or her employer, but the employer fails to pay the tax credit when making a source deduction payment.

Paragraph (c):a person is entitled to receive tax credit payments through the Department of Social Welfare, but (usually for reasons of administration) the payments are delayed.

Subsection (2) - provides for subsection (1) to apply from the day the Amendment Act received the Governor-General's assent. i.e., 31 March 1987.