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01 Mar 1983

Land Tax Amendment Act 1982

Archived legislative commentary on the Land Tax Amendment Act 1982 from PIB vol 120 Mar 1983.

This commentary item was published in Public Information Bulletin Volume 120, March 1983

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Section 1: Short Title

This Act has the above title and is to be read together with and deemed part of the Land Tax Act 1976.

Section 2: Unpaid Tax to Constitute Charge on Land

This section inserts a new subsection 4A into section 50.

Section 50 provides that when land tax is assessed it automatically becomes a charge on the land in respect of which it is payable. This charge lapses at the end of the year following the year of assessment unless the charge is registered by the Commissioner with the District Land Registrar.

The new subsection (4A) amends this section to provide that the registered charge will operate to secure also all land tax payable for any subsequent year, unless the charge has been released by the Commissioner before that latter tax has been assessed.

Note: There is no authority under the Act for a partial release of the charge before the whole of the land tax assessed has been paid.

The section will apply to charges registered on or after the day of the Governor-General’s assent to the Bill, ie 16 December 1982.