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BR Pub 18/06
21 Jun 2018
This ruling will apply for the period beginning 21 June 2018 and ending on 20 June 2023.

Goods and services tax - payments made by parents to state and state integrated schools (WITHDRAWN)

GST is not chargeable on payments made by parents to the board of trustees of a state or state integrated school where the payments are made to assist the school with the cost of delivering education services which the student has a statutory entitlement to receive free of charge. GST is chargeable on payments made for supplies of other goods or services that are not integral to the supply of education to which the student has a statutory entitlement, where that supply is conditional on the payment being made. This Ruling is a reissue of BR Pub 14/06 which expired on 20 June 2018. It is substantially the same as BR Pub 14/06 but some parts have been rewritten to improve readability, and legislative changes have been included. A new example (Example 5) has been added. The Ruling refers to Circular 2018/01 Payments by parents of students in schools (Ministry of Education, 2018).