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Vol 3 No 8
01 Apr 1992

TIB - April 1992

  • Depreciation Changes -
    • Part 1 : General Depreciable Assets
    • Part 2: 25% Loading on Land used for Farming, Forestry or Aquaculture
    • Part 3: 25% Loading On Bloodstock
  • Livestock Valuation
  • Cyclone Val Donations recognised
  • Energy Trading Operators
  • Goods and Services Tax Act
  • Local Authority Taxation
  • Real Estate Salespersons now treated as Self-Employed
  • Recent Disclosure Exemption issued by the Commissioner - International Tax Regime
  • Persons not required to comply with Section 245W of the Income Tax Act 1976


In TIB Volume Three No.8 there was an article on a recent Disclosure Exemption issued by the Commissioner. Unfortunately, the last line of the article was missed off when it was printed.

The last paragraph should read:

An interest held in a foreign company will not generally have to be disclosed for that year, where that interest is not an “income interest of 10% or greater”, or where there is no requirement to attribute foreign income or loss under the CFC regime in relation to that company and any underlying foreign company.