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Vol 4 No 9H
01 May 1993

TIB - April 1993 appendix H (errata)

In April 1993 we sent out the Appendix to Tax Information Bulletin Volume Four, No 9. That Appendix dealt with depreciation. Since publishing it, we've learned that it contained a number of errors. We apologise for this, and we've sent you these amendments to to correct those errors. Please cross-reference these amendments to the appropriate pages in the original Appendix.

The new policy on software has been finalised since the original Appendix was printed, so we’ve included it in this supplement.

A number of the rates listed in section 7.2 of the Appendix (pages 13 to 23) were incorrect, so we’ve included replacement pages for this entire section. These have the original page numbers on them for ease of reference, which is why the page numbering in this supplement apparently doesn’t follow a logical sequence.