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Vol 5 No 12
01 May 1994

TIB - May 1994

Policy statements

  • Misappropriation by employees - tax consequences for employers
  • Expenditure on land improvements used for farming, agriculture, forestry or aquaculture
  • Telephone rental deductions for businesses based at home
  • GST: the definition of resident
  • Bloodstock breeders - offsetting profits or insurance proceeds against cost of replacement stock

Legislation and determinations

  • Exemption D5: exemption from the requirements of section 64H(1) of the Income Tax Act 1976
  • 1994 international tax disclosure exemption

Questions we've been asked

  • Income Tax Act 1976 
  • Goods and Services Tax Act 1985 
  • Child Support Act 1991 
  • Estate and Gift Duties Act 1968 
  • Land Tax Act 1976 
  • Official Information Act 1982 
  • New Zealand Film Commissions Act 1978 

Legal decisions - case notes

  • CIR v Mitsubishi Motors NZ Ltd:  Timing of deductibility of warranty costs; derivation of income when warranties not discharged
  • Auckland Regional Authority v CIR:  Whether certain charges imposed by authority  are zero-rated for GST purposes
  • Darnill and Darnill v TRA and CIR:  Whether land can be treated as trading stock; whether TRA decision subject to judicial review