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Vol 6 No 14
01 Jun 1995

TIB - June 1995

Policy statements

  • LAQCs with shares carrying the right to appoint representative directors
  • GST status of cash dividends
  • Whether an activity is a GST taxable activity or a hobby
  • GST - the meaning of open market value
  • Adverse event income equalisation scheme
  • Taxation of income from illegal activities
  • Non-resident shipping operators operating within NZ's coastal waters
  • Taxpayers in financial difficulties

Legislation and determinations

  • National average market values of specified livestock - 1995
  • Non-resident contractors’ withholding tax
  • NZ Superannuation and pay period taxpayers - correction
  • Income Tax (Deemed Rate of Return (1994-95 Income Year)) Regulations 1995

Questions we've been asked

  • Income Tax Act 1994 
  • Income Tax (Withholding Payments) Regulations 1979 
  • Goods and Services Tax Act 1985 

Legal decisions - case notes

  • Waste Management NZ Ltd v CIR: Prevention of pollution incentive - whether expenditure qualifies
  • TRA 94/91: Commercial building - whether sold as a going concern
  • Trustees of Est KF Gray v CIR:  Trust deed arrangement - whether exempt from stamp duty
  • TRA 94/124:  First farm purchase - whether taxpayer entitled to stamp duty exemption
  • TRA 94/92: Charitable trust’s gaming machine duty liability 
  • Finnigan v CIR: Whether amounts paid by taxpayer were interest or advances of capital
  • DM Graham v CIR Edwards Graham Ltd and BD Edwards v CIR: Whether debts written off are bad
  • Chatswood Estate Ltd v CIR: Whether interest payable by Commissioner on conceded case
  • TRA 93/195: Whether motor vehicle available for private use or enjoyment
  • King Country Electric Power Board v CIR: Deductibility of holiday pay and depreciation

See also the appendix.