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Vol 8 No 11
02 Dec 1996

TIB - December 1996

This TIB outlines the changes resulting from the passage of the Taxation (Remedial Provisions) Bill, the Taxation (Superannuitant Surcharge Reduction) Bill, and the Customs and Excise Bill 1995.

The Taxation (Remedial Provisions) Bill was introduced on 21 May 1996. It resulted in the enactment of the Taxation (Remedial Provisions) Act 1996 [No.159] on 2 September 1996. The latter amends the following:

  • Income Tax Act 1994
  • Income Tax Act 1976
  • Tax Administration Act 1994
  • Student Loan Scheme Act 1992
  • Goods and Services Tax Act 1985
  • Goods and Services Tax Amendment Act [No.2] 1995
  • Taxation (Core Provisions) Act 1996 (consequential amendments).

The provisions in the bill pertaining to the confirmation of income tax rates for 1996-97 were enacted separately through the Taxation (Annual Rates of Income Tax 1996-97) Act 1996 [No.68] on 26 July 1996.

The Taxation (Superannuitant Surcharge Reduction) Bill was introduced on 31 July 1996. It was enacted as the Taxation (Superannuitant Surcharge Reduction) Act [No.161] on 2 September 1996. This Act amends the following:

  • Income Tax Act 1994
  • Tax Administration Act 1994.

The Customs and Excise Bill 1995 was introduced on 27 July 1995. It was enacted as the Customs and Excise Act 1996 [No.27] on 4 June 1996, a later Order in Council making it effective from 1 October 1996. It consequentially amends the Goods and Services Tax Act 1985.