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Vol 10 No 7
01 Jul 1998

TIB - July 1998

Legislation and determinations

  • Hydrogen manufacturing unit and hydrocracker catalysts (DEP37)
  • Woven reflective mulch (DEP38)
  • Crayfish (baby) – peurulus traps (PROV7)
  • Farm and fishing vessel ownership savings accounts
  • 1998 deemed rate or return announced for foreign investment fund regime
  • Electricity revenue and data logging terminals – depreciation
  • Bird netting – depreciation

Interpretation statements

  • Available subscribed capital – consequences of deemed reregistration

Interpretation guidelines

  • Computer software – payment to non-resident for use (PIB article withdrawal)

Questions we’ve been asked

  • Child support – shared custody

Legal decisions - case notes

  • Trust taking over former Government activities – whether limited to “financial transaction” for GST purposes: Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust v CIR
  • Business transferred from harbour board to port company – deductions disallowed: Auckland Harbour Board v CIR
  • Farm land subdivided and sold – whether GST taxable activity: TRA 96/104
  • Employee status of company directors: Roma Properties Ltd v CIR
  • Shares issued as part of purchase – whether payment made: TRA 91/134