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Vol 11 No 11
01 Dec 1999

TIB - December 1999

Binding Rulings

  • Local authority rates apportionments on property transactions - Goods and Services Tax treatment: Public Ruling - BR Pub 99/8
  • Product Ruling - BR Prd 99/27

Legal decisions – case notes

  • Whether objector liable to pay tax on salary initially credited or only on rectified amount: TRA Numbers 97/119 & 97/120. Decision Number 025/99
  • Whether amounts assessed as deemed dividends repaid to the company: TRA Number 97/147 & 97/148. Decision Number 026/99
  • Application for a stay of proceedings pending the outcome of a test case: Bage Investments Ltd v CIR

Questions we’ve been asked

  • Returning residents’ visas - when a person seeking such a visa is resident for tax purposes: Section OE 1(1) Income Tax Act 1994 - Determination of residence of a person other than a company


Correction to public ruling BR Pub 99/8 commentary

An error has been identified in the Commentary to public ruling BR Pub 99/8, published in TIB Volume Eleven, No.11 of December 1999.

A typographical error occurs in the penultimate line of Example 2 on page 7 of the TIB. The line should read:

“GST 12.5% on x minus y”, not “...x plus y”. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.