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Vol 11 No 6
01 Jul 1999

TIB - July 1999

New legislation 

  • Taxation (Accrual Rules and Other Remedial Matters) Bill
  • Other changes to the Income Tax Act
  • Changes to the Tax Administration Act 1994
  • Changes to other Acts

Legislation and determinations

  • Draft general depreciation determination on growing trays

Legal decisions – case notes

  • Correction to previous case note
  • GST – registration threshold and whether Commissioner can amend deemed registration date
  • Whether establishment fees paid to a financial advisor were capital or revenue
  • Whether late objection application properly declined
  • Whether settlement sum assessable income
  • Fringe Benefit Tax – whether company vehicle was available for private use
  • Disposal of proceedings; Disputant’s claim struck out

Standard Practice Statements

  • Late Filing Penalty
  • Disputes Resolution - Content standards for 57 Notice of Proposed Adjustment and Notice of Response