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Vol 11 No 8
01 Sep 1999

TIB - September 1999

Legislation and determinations

  • Portable toilets – draft general depreciation determination
  • Accrual determinations – fee setting

Interpretation statements

  • Exclusion from the term “dividends” – whether distribution made in lieu of dividends’ payment

Binding rulings

  • Car parks provided by employers – Fringe benefit tax exemption: BR Pub 99/6
  • Product ruling – BR Prd 99/9

Legal decisions – case notes

  • Whether GST payable by a company in liquidation on recovery of voidable transactions
  • Whether late payment charge on insurance premiums is interest income or premium income
  • Whether objectors an unincorporated body for the purposes of GST registration

Standard practice statements

  • Temporary shortfall – permanent reversal INV-231
  • Remission of penalties and interest RDC 2.1

Questions we’ve been asked

  • Bankrupt’s ability to carry forward accumulated losses