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Vol 12 No 4
01 Apr 2000

TIB - April 2000

Binding Rulings

  • Commissions received by life agents on own policies and family policies – income tax implications: Public Ruling - BR Pub 00/01
  • Discounts enjoyed by life agents and their families on life policy premiums – fringe benefit tax implications: Public Ruling - BR Pub 00/02
  • Commentary on Public Rulings BR Pub 00/01 6 and BR Pub 00/02

Legislation and Determinations

  • Boat lift storage systems Draft General Depreciation Determination
  • General Depreciation Determination DEP[X] 
  • 2000 International Tax Disclosure Exemption ITR11
  • Foreign currency amounts – conversion to NZ currency

New legislation

  • Accident Insurance Amendment Act 2000 and the Accident Insurance Transitional Provisions Act 2000

Legal decisions – case notes

  • Whether subsequent amending assessments supersede earlier ones; whether Authority can consider objections to earlier assessments; whether BASF principle prevents Commissioner issuing further assessments once assessment objected to (Dandelion Investments Limited v CIR)
  • Whether payment to religious organisation on entering into lease agreement was a consideration subject to GST or a donation (TRA Number 97/092. Decision Number 9/2000)
  • Whether Employment Court award for unjustifiable dismissal assessable as monetary remuneration; whether legal expenses deductible (TRA Number 97/93. Decision Number 11/2000)
  • Whether Employment Court award for loss of benefit assessable as monetary remuneration; capital payments may be assessable if monetary remuneration (TRA Number 98/047. Decision Number 10/2000)
  • Commissioner entitled to priority for GST debts of partnership where partners adjudged bankrupt (CIR v Official Assignee)