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Vol 16 No 11
01 Dec 2004

TIB - December 2004

Binding rulings

  • Product ruling – BR PRD 04/14

New legislation

  • Fringe benefit tax – prescribed rate of interest on low-interest, employment-related loans

Legal decisions – case notes

  • Tax avoidance: TRA decision no 30/2004
  • Unclaimed money – unpresented FX drafts are unclaimed money due to Crown: Thomas Cook (New Zealand) Limited v CIR (PC)
  • Interlocutory decisions of the Taxation Review Authority cannot be appealed: M & J Wetherill Company Ltd & Ors v TRA and CIR. CA 226/03
  • Amendment of a taxpayer's GST de-registration date: CIR v Jeffrey George Lopas and Lorraine Elizabeth McHerron
  • Liquidators entitled to pre-liquidation input tax credits: TRA decision no 029/2004
  • Membership shares GST-exempt: CIR v Gulf Harbour Development Limited (CA)

Questions we’ve been asked

  • PAYE where income received fraudulently or in error