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Vol 16 No 2
01 Mar 2004

TIB - March 2004

Binding rulings

  • Supplies paid for in foreign currency: GST treatment
  • Public ruling: BR PUB 04/01
  • Commentary on Public ruling BR PUB 04/01
  • Product ruling: BR PRD 04/01

New legislation

  • Fringe benefit tax: prescribed rate of interest on low-interest, employment-related loans
  • Student loan scheme: repayment and interest write-off threshhold & interest rates for 2004ñ05
  • Taxation (Disaster Relief) Act 2004

Legal decisions - case notes

  • Novel reason for finding CFRT is charitable after all: (Latimer & Ors for the) Crown Forest Rental Trust v CIR
  • Application for discovery refused: TRA decision 008/04
  • Child support judicial review unsuccessful: Sonny Shaw v CIR
  • Transfer allocation allowed: Deepsea Seafoods (No. 1) Ltd & Ors v CIR
  • Are natural persons taxable: D Kneighly v CIR (Appeal)

Standard Practice Statements

  • Promoter penalties IR-SPS INV 290