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Vol 16 No 8
01 Sep 2004

TIB - September 2004

Binding rulings

  • Product ruling – BR PRD 04/10
  • Product ruling – BR PRD 04/11

Interpretation statements

  • Shortfall penalty for gross carelessness

Legislation and determinations

  • Integrated silk flower arrangements – draft provisional depreciation determination

New legislation

  • Fringe benefit tax—prescribed rate of interest on low-interest employment-related loans
  • Forests Amendment Act 2004 – tax-related provisions

Legal decisions – case notes

  • To dispute/challenge default assessments: CIR v Taxation Review Authority and Donald Eugene Allen
  • “Robust and practical” investigation and assessment survives judicial review: W A Duncan v CIR (Judicial Review)
  • High court costs finalised at last: B L Miller & Ors v CIR: Managed Fashions Limited & Ors v CIR CA 117/03
  • Mareva injunction and charging orders upheld: Donald Eugene Allen, Silver Fern Trustees Limited v CIR 25
  • Confidentiality orders overturned: C and Multiple Parties v CIR