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Vol 17 No 1
01 Feb 2005

TIB - February 2005

Interpretation statements

  • Work of a minor nature

Legislation and determinations

  • Provisional depreciation determination PROV12
  • Livestock values – 2005 national standard costs for specified livestock

Standard practice statements

  • Late filing penalty SPS 05/01

Legal decisions – case notes

  • Depreciation of right to use trademarks: The Trustees in the CB Simkin Trust and the Trustees in the NC Simkin Trust v CIR of New Zealand
  • Struck-off company has no status; objection rights can not be assigned: TRA 046/01, TRA Dec 001/2005
  • No appeal from interlocutory rulings: TRA 33/00, TRA 002/2005
  • Church superannuation scheme not charitable: Jarod Peter Hester & Ors v CIR, CA 6/04
  • Time limit for taxpayer to issue NOPA begins on filing return: TRA Decision No 31/2004
  • CIR wins New Zealand’s largest tax avoidance case in High Court: Accent Management Ltd, Ben Nevis Forestry Ventures Ltd, Bristol Forestry Ventures Ltd, Clive Bradbury, Greenmass Ltd, Gregory Peebles, Kenneth Laird Estate, Lexington Resources Ltd, and Redcliffe Forestry Ventures Ltd v CIR

New legislation

  • Taxation (Venture Capital and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2004. Taxation (Annual Rates of Income Tax Act 2004–05) Act 2004
  • Legislative drafting issues
  • Orders in Council