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Vol 17 No 9
01 Nov 2005

TIB - November 2005

Interpretation statements

  • Shortfall penalty for not taking reasonable care
  • Shortfall penalty – unacceptable interpretation and unacceptable tax position

Legislation and determinations

  • Foreign currency amounts – conversion to New Zealand currency

New legislation

  • Withholding tax changes for fruit picking contractors
  • Correction – Excess imputation credits

Legal decisions – case notes

  • High Court dismisses judicial review application: Rogerson v CIR
  • Taxpayer challenges Commissioner's power to enforce a guarantee: Michael john Peterson v CIR (Judicial Review)
  • Group loss offset rules unavailable to lost attributing qualifying company (LAQC): TRA No 0006/04, Decision No 015/2005
  • No tenable cause of action: TRA No 147/04, Decision No 13/2005
  • Notice of defence struck out: TRA No 09/012, Decision No 012/2005
  • Transaction held to involve tax avoidance under Goods and Services Tax Act: Glenharrow Holdings Limited v CIR
  • Taxpayer must issue NOPA to “default” assessment: Donald Eugene Allen v CIR
  • CIR not able to add new ground to appeal: CIR v Zentrum Holdings Ltd and Ngahemi Properties Ltd, as the Zentrum Holdings Group

Standard practice statements

  • Remission of penalties and interest – SPS 05/10