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Vol 20 No 9
01 Nov 2008

TIB - November 2008

Legislation and determinations

  • Fair dividend rate method determination Determination FDR 2008/13
  • Foreign currency amounts – conversion to New Zealand dollars

New legislation

  • Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading) Amendment Act 2008
  • Orders in Council: Mortgage diversion – KiwiSaver Amendment Regulations (No 2) 2008
  • New tax information exchange agreement with the Netherlands on behalf of the Netherlands Antilles

Legal cases – case notes

  • Forfeiture of shares taxable under FIF regime: Govind Prasad Saha v CIR CIV 2007-485-701
  • No deduction for fines: TRA 105/05 Dec 9/2008
  • Judicial review granted for delay: Peter Allan Harris v the District Court at Auckland and CIR
  • Test for intention/purpose: CIR v Boanas, Boanas, Railton and Railton (Mt Rosa Partnership)
  • TRA has jurisdiction to substitute an assessment: Beckham v CIR