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Vol 21 No 3
01 May 2009

TIB - May 2009


  • Commissioner appealing High Court decision on tax avoidance

Binding rulings

  • Public ruling BR PUB 09/01: Payments made by parents or guardians of students to state schools – GST treatment

Legislation and determinations

  • DET 09/01: Standard-cost household service for homeshare care providers
  • Foreign currency amounts – conversion to New Zealand dollars

Operational statement

  • OS 09/01: Commissioner’s statement of a mileage rate for expenditure incurred for the business use of a motor vehicle

Legal decisions – case notes

  • Value of gain in kind when calculating FIF income or loss was market value of shares disposed of

Standard practice statements

  • Withdrawal of INV-300 Acceptance of late objections under section 126 of the Tax Administration Act 1994

Questions we’ve been asked

  • QB 09/02: Holiday houses – income tax treatment