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Vol 21 No 9
01 Dec 2009

TIB - December 2009

New legislation

  • Student Loan Scheme (Repayment Bonus) Amendment Act 2009
  • Guidance on a “reasonable daily travelling distance”
  • Order in Council: Forests (Payment of Money) Order 2009

Legislation and determinations

  • DET 09/04: Eligible relocation expenses

Interpretation statements

  • IS 09/01: Fines and penalties – income tax deductibility

Legal decisions – case notes

  • Second High Court decision confirms structured finance transactions as tax avoidance
  • Backdated ACC compensation not double taxed
  • Disposal deemed at market value
  • Own-home LAQC was tax avoidance arrangement
  • No contempt of Court by Commissioner

Standard practice statements

  • SPS 09/03: Extension of time applications from taxpayers without tax agents