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Vol 26 No 10
01 Nov 2014

TIB - November 2014

Binding rulings

  • Public ruling BR Pub 14/07: Deductibility – Interest repayments required as a result of the early repayment of a financial arrangement
  • Public ruling BR Pub 14/08: Income tax – Timing of disposal and derivation of income from trading stock Product ruling
  • BR Prd 14/09: Rabo Capital and Rabobank Nederland
  • Extension of public ruling BR Pub 08/03: Projects to reduce emissions programme – Income tax treatment
  • Decision not to reissue public ruling BR Pub 08/04: Projects to reduce emissions programme – GST treatment

Questions we’ve been asked

  • QB 14/10: GST – Whether a binding contract always establishes a transaction giving rise to a supply for section 9(1) purposes

Legislation and determinations

  • Foreign currency amounts – conversion to New Zealand dollars

Legal decisions – case notes

  • “Other revenues” does not include capital amounts
  • Appeal struck out
  • High Court guidance on GST “associated persons” test
  • Application for extension of time dismissed
  • Application for discovery dismissed by the High Court