Vol 31 No 5
01 Jun 2019

TIB - June 2019

In this issue: Order in Council - The Social Security (Cash Assets and Income Exemptions - Christchurch Mosque Attack Support Payments) Amendment Regulations 2019, BR Prd 19/02, QB 19/03 (see also "Corrections" in L), hand navigation bar) , QB 19/04, IS 19/02, Foreign currency amounts - conversion to New Zealand dollars (for 12 months ending 31 March 2018), CPI adjustment to DET 09/02, CPI adjustment to DET 05/03, General article.


The flowchart in QB 19/03: Provisional tax – impact on employees who receive one-off amounts of income without tax deducted on page 13 is incorrect.

Where the flowchart asks "Is your residual income tax less than $60,000", the arrow to "No use-of-money interest if residual income tax paid by terminal tax date" should be Yes.