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Vol 33 No 1
02 Feb 2021

TIB - February 2021


  • Withdrawal notice BR Pub 19/01 and BR Pub 19/02
  • BR Prd 20/05: Stride Property Limited and Stride Investment Management Limited
  • BR Prd 20/06: Woolworths New Zealand Limited, trading as Countdown
  • BR Pub 21/01: Income tax – salary and wages paid in crypto-assets
  • BR Pub 21/02: Income tax – bonuses paid in crypto-assets


  • Determination FDR 2020/02
  • Determination FDR 2020/03
  • Determination FDR 2020/04
  • Determination FDR 2020/05
  • Determination FDR 2020/06

Interpretation statement

  • IS 20/09: GST - unconditional gifts

Operational statement

  • OS 19/04 (KM 2020): Kilometre rates for the business use of vehicles for the 2020 income year

Questions we’ve been asked

  • QB 20/03: First step legally necessary to achieve liquidation when a liquidator is appointed
  • QB 20/04: Do certain supplies wholly or partly consist of land for the compulsory zero-rating (CZR) rules?

Legal decisions - case summaries

  • CSUM 21/01: Supreme Court dismisses Mr Hampton’s application for leave to appeal.
  • CSUM 21/02: Whether expenditure is of a capital or revenue nature is not to be found by any rigid test or description but upon consideration of all the circumstances; if capital in nature, it is not deductible for income tax purposes.
  • CSUM 21/03: Extension of time to appeal to Court of Appeal denied where obvious lack of merit.
  • CSUM 21/04: Supreme Court dismisses the Commissioner’s application for leave to appeal determination of “gift” for donation tax credit purposes.

General Article

  • Inland Revenue technical decision summaries