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Vol 33 No 5
21 May 2021

TIB - June 2021

Order in Council

  • LI 2021/78 Income Tax (Employment Income – Meaning of Accommodation) Regulations 2021

Product rulings

  • BR Prd 21/02: Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited


  • COV 21/01: Variation to sections 33E and 68CC(3) of the Tax Administration Act 1994
  • COV 21/02: Variation to section FN 7(5) of the Income Tax Act 2007
  • 2021 Consumers Price Index Adjustment to standard-cost amounts for household services (childcare, boarding 
    services, or short-stay accommodation)

Questions we’ve been asked

  • QB 21/02: Whether “negative interest” payments are subject to withholding taxes
  • QB 21/03: Charities business exemption – business carried on in partnership

Standard practice statements

  • SPS 21/02: Retention of business records in electronic formats, application to store records offshore and keeping 
    records in languages other than English or te reo Māori

Legal decisions – case studies

  • CSUM 21/06 Court orders the backdating of child support liability is invalid