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Vol 36 No 6
01 Jul 2024

TIB - July 2024


  • BR PUB 24/01 – 24/03: GST – Supplies of properties used for transitional housing


  • NAMV 2024: National Average Market Values of Specified Livestock Determination 2024 
  • 2024 Adjustment to the kilometre rates for the business use of vehicles 
  • 2024 Adjustment to standard-cost amounts for household services (childcare, boarding services, or short-stay
  • 2024 Adjustment to the Square Metre Rate amount 
  • DET 24/02: GST on accommodation supplied through electronic marketplaces – opt-out agreement criteria 
  • S64: Spreading method to be used for some electricity price contracts for difference

Operational statement

  • OS 24/01: Exemption from electronic filing

Operational position

  • OP 24/01: Commissioner’s operational position on the GST treatment of landlords supplying properties for use as
    transitional housing

Questions we’ve been asked

  • QB 24/01: If a person has two or more homes, which home is their main home for the purpose of the main home exclusion to the bright-line test? 
  • QB 24/02: Income tax – bright-line test – main home exclusion – renting to flatmates

Technical decision summaries

  • TDS 24/09: Transfer of property and whether income arises 
  • TDS 24/10: GST registration date 
  • TDS 24/11: Permanent establishment 
  • TDS 24/12: Compensation – capital or revenue nature