Welcome to the new IR Tax Technical website, designed to make it easier for you to find IR technical publications. 

Major improvements in this release

This new website is designed specifically for tax specialists with more advanced needs. It offers:

  • a single place for TT publications, TIB issues, and public consultation
  • better (and faster) search, including the ability to search for exact phrases using quotes
  • a What's New page that makes it easier to find the latest publications
  • a new look and feel derived from the main IR website

Known issues

Because this is a new website, there are still some teething problems we're fixing over the next few weeks:

  • In lists, the sort order may be wrong between items published on the same day.
  • Some case summaries do not yet have their Court field visible yet.
  • Some publications may show an issue year instead of the precise issue date.
  • There is too much spacing/padding in general (both on the web and when printing).
  • Older publications may not render properly in the Adobe Reader Android app. Open them in a browser instead.

What's coming

We're considering several improvements to this website over the next months, including:

  • search filters to narrow your results by year and publication type
  • search results that show the first few lines of each summary, with a button to show more

Let us know what you think

  • If you'd like to give us anonymous feedback on the new site, please click the Feedback button on the right side.
  • If you'd like a reply, please contact us.