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IS 22/07
28 Oct 2022

Company losses – ownership continuity, sharing and measurement

This interpretation statement considers the rules applying to company losses, including carrying forward losses, sharing losses and the measurement of ownership interests.

Tax Information Bulletin Vol 34 No 11 - December 2022

Sections BC 4, BC 5, BC 7, subpart EB, ss FA 2, FA 2B, GB 3, GB 3BA, GB 3BAB, GB 3BAC, GB 3B, GB 4, GB 5, part I (subparts IA, IB, IC, IP), ss IQ 4, IW 1, IZ 7, IZ 8, LE 2, OB 83, YA 1 (“available tax loss”, “company”, “dividend”, “excluded fixed rate security”, “excluded option”, “limited attribution company”, “market value”, “market value circumstance”, “pay”, “pre-1991 budget security”, “recognised exchange”, “special corporate entity”, “voting interest”), YB 21, subpart YC, schedule 36 (part B)

CIR v Alcan NZ Ltd [1994] 3 NZLR 439 (CA)
Sew Hoy v Sew Hoy [2001] 1 NZLR 391 (CA)
Westpac Securities NZ Ltd v CIR [2014] NZHC 3377