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BR Pub 24/01 - 24/03
07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024
06 Jun 2027

GST – Supplies of properties used for transitional housing

These Public Rulings consider the GST treatment of supplies of properties by landlords to organisations for use in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development’s Transitional Housing Programme. Many organisations don’t own their own properties so enter into leases for properties with private landlords (which may include developers, investors and motel owners). There had previously been some uncertainty with how the landlords account for GST. 

These items specify when the landlords will be subject to GST and when they have exempt supplies. BR Pub 24/01 applies to a supply of a property that will be an exempt supply on the basis that the property will be used for the principal purpose of accommodation in a dwelling. 

BR Pub 24/02 and BR Pub 24/03 apply to supplies of a property that will not be exempt supplies.  The commentary to these Rulings assists in determining whether the supply will be taxable or exempt. 

These rulings have been prepared in response to requests for clarity in this sector.  The conclusions in these items have no effect on the rent paid by transitional housing tenants, which is calculated based on a fixed proportion of their income. 

Any landlords with specific queries about their situation can send a web message through their MyIR account using “transitional housing” in the subject line and this will flow through to IR staff familiar with the issues in this area.

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